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10 Furnace Maintenance Tips To Keep You Warm All Winter

10 Furnace Maintenance Tips To Keep You Warm All Winter

We discuss and write about the necessity of routine HVAC repair. The lifespan of your equipment, particularly your furnace, is increased by routine maintenance. Regular maintenance will safeguard your investment, save you money, and guarantee the security of your equipment.


Poorly maintained furnaces are more likely to experience gas leaks and other hazardous problems, such as the creation of carbon monoxide. For all of these reasons and more, maintaining your furnace is a good idea, which is why we have put together these ten simple guidelines for keeping it in top condition.

Check to see if your thermostat is operating properly.

Does the temperature in the house seem to match the setting on your thermostat? Your furnace won’t be able to run as it should if your thermostat isn’t operating correctly. A thermostat’s performance can be adversely affected by dirt and incorrect calibration. Call us to arrange for a specialist to examine your HVAC system and check for any potential problems in order to verify that your thermostat is calibrated properly.

Examine the air filter.

It’s crucial to routinely update your air filters. Air filters help to maintain excellent indoor air quality and guard against allergens and ills that are spread by the air. Although filters lose some of their power to clean the air as they gather dirt and dust, your furnace will also have to work harder to force and pull air through the filters. As a result, your home will use more energy and have less stable air temperature. There is really no justification for not changing air filters on a regular basis given how simple and affordable it is to do so.

watch the control valve closely

A control valve is typically present in furnaces for security purposes. This is one of the first areas to investigate if your furnace isn’t generating heat. The control valve of a gas furnace will be found on the supply line. Verify that this valve is turned “on” and that gas may enter your furnace freely. Simply put, your furnace cannot produce heat if there is nothing to burn!

Maintain frequent furnace cleanings

You clean your house, your car, and your dishes, but do you also have a list of things to clean that includes your furnace? If it isn’t, it ought to be. A dirty furnace won’t generate heat as effectively as a clean one, and the dirtier the furnace becomes, the greater the likelihood that a part may fail.

To keep your energy and heating bills low, make sure to keep your furnace clean and maintained. The filter system, blower, and motor should be cleaned first if you are unsure of which components need to be cleaned. Contact us to learn more about an HVAC Maintenance Agreement to have a professional visit your home on a regular basis and maintain your furnace system operating at peak efficiency all year long if you need additional components cleaned or don’t want to worry about keeping up with your furnace.

Examine the tension belt

Your house furnace may run noisily if the tension belt is out of alignment. Replace the belt with a new one if it appears frayed or worn.

Oil the engine.

Every season and as needed, a few drips of oil should be poured into the furnace. Limit your lubrication.

sanitize the vents

Vents should be frequently inspected for obstructions and debris. Carbon monoxide poisoning from blocked ventilation could be lethal.

Springtime ended.

Gas furnaces need to be turned off at the conclusion of the winter season. To increase the effectiveness of your furnace now is an excellent time to clean it and change the air filter.


You may keep an effective and dependable furnace all season long by using these suggestions at the start of each season.