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The faucets, fixtures, and sinks in your home play a major role in the designs and comfort of the various areas that need them. From the sinks in the kitchen and bathroom, to the various fixtures including shower heads and toilets, these items are critical for comfort. When they become damaged or fail to function efficiently, you could find yourself losing key comfort in these various rooms. If you see that you are having an issue with any of these items, call us! We offer high quality repair services that won’t break the bank.

What Are The Benefits Of Replacing Old Or Damaged Fixtures?

The biggest benefit to replacing malfunctioning plumbing parts is the preservation of your home. You put a lot of money into your home over time to ensure that it is in perfect condition. If you do not take care of these kinds of plumbing issues, then you could be putting your home at risk. Instead of taking chances, give our experts a call.

We have the experience and tools necessary to detect issues with your faucets, fixtures, and sinks. We also know that there is usually damage you cannot see that has to be taken care of as well. Our plumbers will thoroughly inspect the area and ensure that your homes plumbing is in perfect working condition. Don’t take any chances, give us a call and let us take care of your plumbing issues the right way the first time.

What Are Common Issues That Affect These Areas?

In all of these items, faucets, sinks, and fixtures, the risk for plumbing issues are common. When they are affected by a plumbing issue you could find yourself with a major inconvenience. These common issues include:

  • Clogging: Clogging can be a very annoying issue that can strike all of these sections of plumbing. For sinks and fixtures, clogs can prevent the flow of water, resulting in standing water. When a clog strikes the plumbing leading to a faucet you can either lose the flow of water altogether or have extremely low water pressure. This is not only an annoying issue but also one that can cause significant damage to your homes plumbing.
  • Leaking: A common issue for faucets is leaking. The slow drip of a leaking faucet can be unnerving to homeowners and it can also be costly. Additionally seals around sinks and toilets can wear down and crack allowing for water to leak into your home. This consistent flow of water will not only raise your water bill but also cause damage to your home.
  • Wear & Tear: This can be something as simple as the rust on a faucet or low water pressure. As your fixtures are used on a daily basis they slowly break down. After enough time passes they will no longer function the same as they did before or they will be a constant eye sore. Oxidized faucets and shower heads can be dangerous as the water leaving these fixtures is then used for your daily life.

When These Parts Are Damaged How Can They Affect The Home?

Try to imagine your life without a fully-functioning toilet in your home. Some of the plumbing fixtures in your home, such as the toilet, serve a very important purpose. If they are out of commission for an extended period of time, this can cause a serious inconvenience in your home.

Another issue that damaged fixtures, sinks, and faucets present in your home is unseen leaks. Slow leaks that persist over time can damage your home and lead to the spread of mold. If you cannot see the leak, then you cannot see the mold. This could lead to serious health risks as well as large repair costs in the future.

At Plumbing Clifton we offer expert repair and maintenance services to ensure the safety and functionality of the faucets, sinks, and fixtures in your home. Before allowing any issue to get out of hand, call our expert technicians and get the professional help you need today!

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