About Clifton Plumbing Service

Plumbing Clifton is a family-owned business that serves New Jersey clients. They trust us not only for our plumbing services, as well as for recommendations of other high-integrity contractors in partnered fields.

Plumbing Clifton offers a full accompaniment of residential and commercial services, including repairs, installations, and maintenance, as well as remodeling, additions and new construction. We can help you deal with water quality issues, common to this area of New Jersey, by evaluating your specific matter and installing the suitable water treatment system to remediate it. And we will maintain, repair and replace as needed.

But service variety isn’t all we offer; we take special pride in our service quality, and that quality starts with your very first contact with Plumbing Clifton. What truly marks us out is the live person on the other end of the phone when you call─ not hours later─ including our tough service quality on the job, the professionalism and expertise of our people, and the value we give at practical cost.


Highly Trained Professionals

Get the peace of mind knowing that you will have reliable and excellent professionals. Plumbing Clifton professionals have years of experience. We can tackle all projects, from big to small and provide advice on.

Top-Notch Plumbing Service

Our services─ which include system installation, preventative maintenance, and emergency repairs─ extend to commercial, institutional, and residential customers. Our customers have come to expect our outstanding workmanship, reliability, and honesty. You won’t meet a company more committed to our clients. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on everything we work.

Fast On-Time Service

Here at Plumbing Clifton, we understand the plumbing system in our home is a vital part of our everyday lives, and at any point these systems can fail. So at any time of day or night, Plumbing Clifton will be there to solve your problems quickly.

Affordable Pricing

Our purpose is to give quality work at affordable rates. Because of our low cost we tend to pass on some of the savings to our clients. Our tough and courteous workers will justify their work in detail, answer your queries, and educate you regarding both the problem and the solution. A FREE instant quote will be provided on the work to be performed and everything will be explained in detail.

If you have questions about Plumbing Clifton or are ready to discuss a plumbing service, contact us or give us a call today!

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