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As boiler age, they can lose efficiency or stop working all together. That’s why it’s a good idea to have yours inspected every year. We’re on call to diagnose any lurking problems with your boiler so you don’t end up yourself in a bind come winter.


At Plumbing Clifton, we’re dedicated to creating long-term relationships with our clients by providing top quality boiler service. Specializing in boiler system maintenance, repair, and installation, we have the training and expertise to provide you with fast-rate, cost-effective work. And because we know how much you rely on your boiler, we pledge to respond to your calls quickly and performance service efficiently.

So whether your boiler service needs are big or small, commercial or residential, you can count on Plumbing Clifton for excellence in every project we undertake. For more information, contact us today.

Signs You May Need Boiler Installation Services

There are few common issues associated with boilers. Some of them may require a quick job, while others could be indicative of a much larger problem. Call an expert if you spot any of the following:

Boilers can suffer from years of buildup without proper maintenance. The heated water leaves behind minerals that can put pressure on your pipes, creating more leaks over time. Air in the heating pipes can also make your boiler less efficient. Your pump may be failing as well. This results in less heat─ or none at all─ in your home.

Here are a few ways Plumbing Clifton performs boiler maintenance services:

Whether you need repair or replacement, our plumbing team is prepared to handle your issue professionally and effectively. We can figure out the state of your boiler to work out whether or not it’s worth repairing. And if we discover that your boiler will effectively be saved, we will do our best to get it fixed as quickly as possible in order that you can resume your daily routine while not having to stress about a lack of heat or hot water.

One way or another, a fully-functioning boiler is only one phone call away! Plumbing Clifton offers repairs, guaranteed parts and workmanship, and peace of mind on every visit. Call now!

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