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The primary reason why you might need new drain and supply lines is for a new bathroom, an additional sink, a bigger kitchen, or an addition to your house. It’s commonly evenly simple to get a supply line to a new bathroom because these types of lines, even if it’s copper or PEX, can take all kinds of turns.

What Are The Various Kinds Of Pipes Available For Your Needs?

When supply lines age as they do in an old structure, the joints can come loose or the metal can become delicate. The plumbing in your house has to beat off itself from various attackers that include pipes that knock and shake around, cold weather, tree roots pushing against them if they run outside and number of other issues. When we work on your house, and we have to replace your water lines, we don’t just do amazing job replacing them, we guarantee that they run so that you have a slightest of issues with the elements and other problems that create chaos with your plumbing system.

A great plumber will be able to size up the situation and come up with a plan that takes the least amount of work. Here at Plumbing Clifton we install new waste lines in all types of situations, including new toilets for new bathrooms, in an existing structure, or in an added structure on your house.

We’re here to provide all forms of your plumbing needs along with installing or repairing drain and supply lines. We can change old supply lines, waste lines, and main lines anywhere in your home with PEX and PVC lines. We can install new lines as well if you need lines for new bathroom, basement, or attic.

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