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Guide to Troubleshooting the Water Heater | How to Check the Reset Button on the Water Heater

Guide to Troubleshooting the Water Heater | How to Check the Reset Button on the Water Heater

When it senses that the heating elements are being subjected to too much resistance, the reset button on the water heater will immediately turn off the power to those elements. The first clue that a homeowner’s reset button has been tripped, which cuts electricity to the water heater’s heating components, is often a chilly shower. This is because many homeowners take their showers in the morning.

It is essential that you are aware of where the reset button is located on your water heater and how to test it. In the event that your water does not get heated, you will need to know where the button is located and what to do in the event that hitting the reset button does not immediately resolve the issue.

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Where exactly is the button that resets the water heater located?

In most cases, the reset button can be found in close proximity to the water heater’s thermostat. To gain access to the thermostat and the button to reset it, you will need a screwdriver to remove the cover plate from the thermostat. There can be insulation surrounding the thermostat if you look closely. In some models, the wires that are located around the reset button and temperature dial are protected by a cover made of plastic. Take note that most current electric water heaters come equipped with two heating elements and two thermostats, but only one reset button in most cases.

If you are having trouble finding the button to reset the thermostat on your water heater, the owner’s manual can be consulted for assistance. At the beginning of the user’s manual, there should be a diagram of the water heater that is labeled.

How to Determine whether the Reset Button Is Working

You will need to reset the thermostat on your electric water heater if the reset button is lit up or if the heating element has tripped. The button to reset the thermostat will typically be in close proximity to one of the thermostats (often the top one), and it will be colored red. To reset the thermostat, all you have to do is push the button (but be careful not to touch any of the wires in the area). Because of this, the electricity to the thermostats will be restored, and within an hour, your water should once again be hot.

Reset Button Still Tripping?

If you hit the reset button on the thermostat and it still trips after you do so, the thermostat may be faulty. Alternatively, there can be an ongoing problem with the power source that the water heater is receiving. Get in touch with Clifton Plumbers for assistance in your area.

Get Help from an Expert with Your Problems Regarding the Thermostat

If you have examined and hit the reset button on your water heater, but the problem still exists, it is time to get in touch with plumbing professionals for assistance. The expert repair service for water heaters that Clifton Plumbers provides will guarantee that your water heater is in peak operational condition at all times. We will diagnose and fix any and all issues with your water heater, including issues with the thermostat. You can get an estimate by contacting us online, or you can call your local Clifton Plumbers at (973) 858 5005 right now.