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How to Remove a Drain Stopper in Three Easy Steps

How To Remove A Drain Stopper In Three Easy Steps

To seal the drain and stop water from draining down it, use a bathtub drain stopper. It might frequently get caught, making it challenging to turn on and off the faucet. You will have a better understanding of the problem’s underlying causes if you choose to remove the drain stopper at this time. It’s also crucial to know how to remove your drain stopper in case it’s not installed correctly. The water may not be kept very efficiently if your stopper isn’t entirely covering the tub’s bottom when it’s in position, making bath time difficult.

Choosing the type you’ll use to address your issue is the first step in learning how to remove a drain stopper. The most common bathtub drain stopper kinds are included in the article below.

Pull-and-Push Stopper

A push-pull rod is located on the side of this kind of stopper. This rod has a hole at one end where your finger can fit and a spherical handle that extends from one end. The plunger that descends into the drain to stop the water flow is attached to the push-pull mechanism. The following describes how to remove a push-pull tub stopper:

  1. From the top of the stopper, remove the knob. By hand, take out the knob and stopper. Wiggle the knob with one hand until it releases.
  2. Is it difficult to unscrew the knob with your hands? Use normal pliers to release it after carefully wrapping it in a cloth.
  3. Find the exact location where the crossbar of the strainer joins to the stopper after it has been separated. Using a standard flathead screwdriver, remove the pot from the strainer.

Tub Stopper for Toes

Designed like pliers, toe-touch tub stoppers may be pulled up to release the drain. The handle is released as you press it down, and the stopper closes up both of your bathtub’s drains. How is a toe-touch tub stopper removed?

  1. The plunger rod that sticks out from behind the rubber top can be turned around using a screwdriver or a pair of tongs. Use your tools to pry on this rod until it is released from its location.
  2. Pull up on the rubber top to free it from its base after removing the plunger. Your strainer’s head should now be able to be released by turning it counterclockwise with your hands.
  3. To remove the head after it has been unscrewed, lift it up and away from the stopper.
  4. Grip the knob on top of the bathtub drain that is attached to this kind of stopper using your hands. To release the stopper from its base, slowly pull up.

Turn and Lift Tub Stopper

Two screws hold the lift and turn the tub stopper in place if you have one. This kind of bathtub drain stopper can be removed in what way?

  1. One hand should be placed on top of the body to secure it while the stopper is set to “open.”
  2. To look for a screw placed on the knob, slowly rotate it in the opposite direction after removing the stopper from the strainer. If you can’t locate one, turn the stopper counterclockwise to take it out of the filter until you can.
  3. On rare occasions, the threads are lost, making removal impossible. Try lifting up while gradually twisting it upward.
  4. Lift the stopper up and rotate it till you find a little screw if your stopper doesn’t have one set directly on the knob but still won’t remove.
  5. To remove the screw, use a wrench or a screwdriver. Don’t totally remove the screws to allow the stopper to be released. With this method, extreme caution is required because, if the screw is completely removed, it could easily fall inside the drain.
  6. If there are no set screws on either the stopper or the knob, the mechanism is probably a channel/pin one.
  7. In order to align the bottom slot with the pin on the top half, take out the stopper from the channel and slowly turn it in the other direction.
  8. To release the stopper, wiggle it upward.

Different Tub Stoppers

One screw holds a flip-it® tub stopper to the underside of the overflow plate. This kind of tub stopper is normally easy to remove. Grab the stopper by the body, and then twist it up and down (or in other ways) until it comes loose.

What to Do Next After the Process Is Complete

Once the bathtub drain stopper has been removed, use a flashlight to peer down the drain. If your bathtub drains slowly, there may be a buildup of soap scum, hair, and other material that has become a permanent obstruction in the drain’s path. If you’re courageous enough, you might be able to remove the strainer and unstick it yourself if the clog isn’t too severe. However, you can avoid the unpleasant situation and have BJC Clifton Plumbers fix your bathtub instead.

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