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Radiator Placement: The Ultimate Guide For Where To Put A Radiator

Radiator Placement: The Ultimate Guide For Where To Put A Radiator

Are you planning to purchase a new radiator? So it’s important to consider where you put your new radiator. If you arrange it incorrectly, you’ll have an ineffective heating system that will wind up costing you a lot of money over time.

Are you interested in the specifics of radiator placement? We’ll discuss the “does” and “don’ts” of radiator placement in this article so you can make the most of your radiator.

What You Should Know About Radiator Location

Uncertain of which room to place your radiator in? Here are some general radiator recommendations and warnings to assist you in making the best choice.

A window should be under your radiator

Do cold drafts frequently enter your home? If so, you might wish to put the radiator beneath the window. This will make sure that heat is distributed evenly throughout the space and also target any chilly drafts coming in through the window.


If you reside in a home with single-glazed windows, which are more prone to chilly drafts, this arrangement is especially effective. This placement might not be required if your property has double-glazed windows and higher insulation.

Put your radiator against a wall that faces north.

Did you aware that walls facing north typically seem cooler because they get less sunlight? Because of this, you might choose to place your radiator inside this type of wall. This will stop cold air from spreading throughout the space and will be more effective than placing a wall against an existing warm east-facing wall.

Keep Furniture Away from Your Radiator

If radiators don’t suit your aesthetic tastes, you could be tempted to try to conceal them under some furniture, like a sofa. This will just stop your radiator from distributing heat and operating at its maximum capacity. Additionally, doing this could deceive the thermostat in your room into believing that the temperature is appropriate, leading to an unsuccessful turnoff of the thermostat.

A radiator cabinet should not be placed behind your radiator. Although it may first appear to be efficient, this will ultimately block out a lot of heat, costing you more money for less heat.

Today, there are many sleek and contemporary radiator options, so if the one you’re considering doesn’t suit your area, keep looking until you discover one that does.

Maintain Radiator Distance from Curtains

Placing your radiator close to your curtains is another thing you should avoid doing. This will eventually cause you to shove out the window rather than into the room, draining the radiator’s power.


If the radiator ever shorts out adjacent to the curtains, you run the danger of having safety problems.

Last Words on Radiator Positioning

Radiator placement is crucial for maximizing the amount of heat and energy used to heat your home. You may determine the ideal location for your radiator by using the placement advice in this article.

No matter where you install your radiator, it’s critical to conduct routine maintenance on it to make sure everything is functioning properly. Here are some pointers for maintaining radiators correctly.

Do you require a radiator? Uncertain of where to begin your search? To discover a solution that suits you, look at our selection of conventional column radiators.