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Why Is My Sewer Line Clogged?

Why Is My Sewer Line Clogged?

The most serious plumbing issue you might experience is a clogged main sewer line. Your entire plumbing system is virtually paralyzed by a clogged sewage drain since there is nowhere for wastewater to go. Everything depends on removing that obstruction. Even plumbing issues without human waste can be frightening. Unfortunately, they occasionally do (and we regret having to provide this bad news).


Fortunately, many terrifying plumbing issues may be avoided with relative ease. With a few straightforward preventive steps, sewage backup can be avoided most effectively. If you’re wondering why your sewer drain pipe isn’t moving, one of these three possibilities is probably at blame:

Tree Roots in the Sewer

For those like us who live in California, this is very important. To flourish, trees require moisture. They will start hunting for water wherever they can find it if their access to moisture is restricted (for example, due to a drought), which may include your sewer system. Small gaps or pipe fittings in your sewer drain pipe can be accessed by minuscule root tendrils, which can eventually cause disaster.


Do not assume that you are secure simply because your yard is devoid of trees. Roots can spread widely. In fact, stray roots from your neighbor’s trees may have caused your sewage backup! The simplest approach to prevent tree roots from entering your home is to perform routine inspections and clean your sewer and drain lines.

Drain Block

The most frequent reason for sewage backup is this. Unfortunately, individuals attempt to flush a wide variety of objects that have no business there. You name it: paper towels, grease, and even dearly departed goldfish. The issue is that your pipes start to clog when you flush items down the toilet that your pipes can’t handle.

If there is only one clogged fixture, the obstruction is typically limited to a single pair of pipes. It’s good news, then! If you see sewage backing up in fixtures all over your house or near your sewer cleanout, your main sewer line is clogged. That’s a major issue that requires expert assistance to resolve. Watch what you flush to avoid creating these kinds of sewer jams in the first place. Use caution when using your garbage disposal and never throw hot grease down drains!

A Sewer Line That Has Broken or Clasped

Your sewer line is no exception to the rule that nothing lasts forever. Your sewer line might have given way under the weight of the soil above it or it might be made of dated materials, depending on how old your house is. Alternatively, a mix of the two. Unlike in the past, most sewer lines nowadays are constructed of durable, heavy-duty plastic materials.


Pipes in older dwellings are frequently made of clay or cast iron. Over time, these materials may shatter or even collapse as a result of degradation and wear. The sewage that your sewer system handles backs up when it collapses because it has nowhere else to go. If you’re concerned about the health of your sewer line, you may hire a qualified plumber to run a camera examination of your pipes to determine how they’re doing.

BJC Clifton Plumbers Maintenance and Cleaning

Contact BJC Clifton Plumbers if sewage obstructions prevent your home’s plumbing from operating. We can help you with any needs you may have for your sewer line. We’re here to do it, even though it’s disgusting.