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01 - types of sewer line problems

6 Typical Types of Sewer Line Issues

Likely, you need to give your sewage lines more thought. That’s advantageous because if you’re thinking about your sewage pipes, there’s a severe sewer line issue elsewhere on your property.

Clogged or broken sewage pipes might harm your house or business structure. The health and well-being of persons using the building may be affected if the sewage waste cannot flow in the intended direction and returns to where it came from.

6 Typical Causes of Sewer Line Issues

The reasons for several typical sewage line issues may be identified, which can assist BJC Clifton Plumbers homeowners in finding a rapid fix. The most typical reasons for sewage line damage are listed below.

1. Tree Roots

Sadly, we have little influence over how trees and shrubs develop. Growing roots may cause subterranean pipes to become misaligned. Tree roots may harm pipes at their connecting locations in older houses. If these are broken, the pipe may burst, causing unintended damage to the building.

Your subterranean pipes may need to be repaired or replaced if tree roots damage them. Trenchless technology has allowed plumbers to inspect and fix issues without digging the ground. By doing this, the problem may be resolved without running the danger of further property damage.

2. Pipe Corrosion

Sewer pipes may experience significant corrosion as a result of water flow. The metal gradually deteriorates as it oxidizes. Without the correct intervention, the line can break, creating a large mess to clean up.

3. Blockages

A blocked pipe is perhaps the first sewage line issue that springs to mind. Hair, food, or grease accumulation may often clog the pipes in your house, restaurant, or place of business. Sewer lines work the same way. Although they may not happen as often as blockages in smaller pipes, they sometimes happen.

4. Age of the Pipes

Pipes do not endure forever. Long-term wear and tear or incorrect maintenance might cause the material to deteriorate over time. Even the most brutal pipes may gradually degrade and are not impervious to damage. An unwelcome issue may arise from an outdated sewage pipe.

5. Grease

Avoid pouring oil down your kitchen sink as much as possible. Grease solidifies as a thick solid when it cools, often clogging pipes. Grease may flow through your home’s pipes in its liquid form and be OK for a time, but as it travels farther, it may start to harden. As it accumulates on the sewage line’s walls, it might cause a serious blockage that has to be removed by professionals.

6. Machinery

Underground pipelines should be considered by construction personnel. Accidents do, however, happen. A collision between a construction crew and large equipment might break connections or cause leaks in the sewage system, which could harm the nearby property.

Signs of Sewer Line Problems

Knowing the many causes of a sewage line issue has made it crucial to know the warning indications. If you experience any of these signs, get in touch with a qualified plumber immediately to fix the issue before the damage worsens.

Discolored Water

A sewage line issue may be to blame if you attempt to use your sink and the flowing water looks like a murky brown hue. Corroded or rusty pipes may introduce germs and minerals into the water, discoloring it. Make sure to get it inspected by a qualified staff if the issue continues.

Strange Smells

Sewer lines are designed to transfer wastewater from houses or big structures to treatment facilities. A clogged sewage pipe is indicated when a foul odor enters a building. In the event of serious obstructions, nasty smells from trapped waste may enter your house via the sewage system. This may have an unpleasant odor, such as rotting eggs.

Health Issues

The integrity of your sewage system may be to blame if residents of your house have health problems like coughing or breathing difficulties. Respiratory problems may be linked to germs or gases from broken pipes. Ensure your sewage line is in excellent shape for your and your family’s safety.

Pooling Water

Water may accumulate in your yard if a sewage pipe is broken. As water escapes through subsurface pipes and floods the property, the earth may get ruined. When this occurs, get in touch with an expert soon away to have the sewer line fixed.

Using BJC Clifton Plumbers to Avoid Sewer Line Issues

Don’t put off having the issue fixed if you believe your property has a broken sewage line. Sewer line issues may make your house everything but a peaceful place to unwind, even if it should be.

BJC Clifton Plumbers staff is here to assist you in promptly improving the condition of your sewage lines in BJC Clifton Plumbers County. Our trenchless technology allows us to see broken pipes quickly and fix them without disrupting your day. Contact the plumbers in your area of BJC Clifton Plumbers to learn more about our sewage line repair and replacement services!